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About the Abortion Recovery Directory

Few People Readily Choose…

…to have an abortion. But when facing an unplanned or medically challenged pregnancy they may feel there is no alternative.

The pressure of their circumstances may seem overwhelming. There is often a lack of support during this time of distress. 

Women, men and families can feel very alone and do not always know where to turn for help.

Look over the pages on our website, read the personal comments on the flash above, watch our video, scan our stories of recovery and record your own personal thoughts on our message boards.

If you know someone who needs after abortion help, please visit our online CARE Directory.

The Abortion Recovery CARE Directory is a service of Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc (aka ARIN). You can find our organization information at: http://www.arininc.org. Note: The 35 personal testimonies that rotate above are actual statements from clients that have been personally affected by an abortion (directly or indirectly) and have completed the abortion recovery process. Individuals shared these emotions in the safe and confidential environment of a support group. Their names, pictures and other key features have been changed to protect their confidentiality. We have posted these statements here (with their permission), so that those visiting the site might get an inside peek to the hurting hearts of those affected by abortion. If you, or someone you know, is hurting after an abortion, we wish to help…without judgement, condemnation or any negative connotations. Our CARE Centers offer compassion, grace and forgiveness…resulting in healing and hope!