After Abortion Help

You asked: Do I need After Abortion Help

What Is After Abortion Help? Many women wish they could just forget it ever happened. Fact is: you can’t forget it that easily! You can try, you can wish but things like sounds, images, words, even what the nurse or doctor wore remind you vividly of what happened. Anniversaries and special holidays tend to make you sad. This is where After Abortion Help can be an asset to you. The logical first step is to complete our After Abortion Survey to define the nature of your hurt. Then, we offer several options for your help.


1. Step one: Search our directory. Every center that offers after abortion recovery support shows an extra link on their detail page that indicates after abortion recovery support. Click their links to learn more about what each center offers.

2. Step 2. Select one of our free, online recovery courses available for either women or men.

You can take the online recovery course by yourself, with a smart phone, tablet or desktop. You could be at home, walking, at the dorm, at the library or where ever you feel safe to read, listen, view and interact with the course content. The course is designed to let you do-it-yourself at your own pace! It is confidential and private. Only you are seeing the content. No one is watching you.

3. Step 3 Bring a dignified closure to your memory! Have you been through recovery, but never given the opportunity to grieve your loss? Learn More!