After Abortion Testimonies

after abortion testimonials

How will an abortion impact you? Learn from these after abortion testimonies

The links provide you video-based after abortion testimonies of a woman who has been through an abortion and tells how it impacted her life following the abortion.

If you are considering having an abortion, take a moment to listen to their real after abortion testimonies and personal stories. Learn from other women who have “been there done that.”

The impact of abortion is documentable in a great number of women. Approximately 4000 pregnancy related centers operate in the United States.

A majority of these centers provide after abortion recovery support to many women and men.

Over 1.5 million women and men are estimated of completing a recovery process each year for the past four decades of legal abortion.

The after abortion testimonies presented here are real and voluntarily provided.

Abortion Testimonial #1: What did abortion do to me?

Abortion Testimonial #2: Can I ever be forgiven?

Abortion Testimonial #3: Senior year abortion - What did it do to the rest of her life?

Abortion Testimonial #4: Pregnant with a married man's baby Abortion Story - Alycia

Abortion Testimonial #5: Abortion Story - Deana

Learn more about actual stories of healing after abortion

Start your own journey of healing after abortion

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