Factors increasing risk of ectopic pregnancy


ASK OUR EXPERTS believe that pregnancies implant in the Fallopian tube because of a combination of factors:
1.A failure of the mechanisms which move the pregnancy along the Fallopian tube into the womb

2.A change in the environment in the Fallopian tube that allows early implantation to occur.

A recent blog post outlines some findings in the UK:

There are some things make a patient more at risk of having an ectopic pregnancy.
a. Previous abdominal surgery, the risk is said to be increased up to 4 times.
b. Sexually transmitted infection like Chlamydia, then the risk is increased up to 2 and 3 times.
c. Smoking, again, the risk is increased between 2 and 3 times.
d. IVF Treatments, The risk is even increased by fertility treatment, such as IVF.

How the risk factors cause ectopic pregnancy is something that is not yet fully understood and studies are ongoing. To find out more about each of these individual risks and associated research, please click on the link below and they will expand into more detail.

Get the whole story here: http://www.ectopic.org.uk/professionals/factors-increasing-risk-of-ectopic-pregnancy/

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