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Heartbeat International was founded in 1971 by the first pregnancy help centers in the country, who wanted their own affiliation organization, and it’s first name was Alternatives to Abortion (soon changed to Alternatives to Abortion International or AAI). AAI described itself as “non-denominational and non-sectarian.” When key Evangelical leaders joined the pro-life movement in the mid 1970’s, AAI supported their efforts to found a pro-life organization with an explicit Evangelical statement of faith. This organization was named Christian Action Council (now called Care Net). To learn how to start pregnancy help centers, the Executive Director of Christian Action Council, Curt Young, was invited to serve on the AAI Board (now Heartbeat International), and he did for 3 ½ years. Christian Action Council (now Care Net) started its first pregnancy help center in 1981.

Heartbeat International and Care Net share common cause in inspiring and equipping Christian communities in the establishment of pregnancy help centers that reach the vulnerable and rescue the innocent. In addition, we partnered together for nine years on a joint venture that founded and developed Option Line, as well as several joint publications like Medical Perspectives and Legal Solutions. Such cooperative efforts serve our common goals in a Great Work that saves lives and changes lives by the power of the Gospel at work in and through us.