If we love each other shouldn’t we have sex?


Your question is: If we love each other shouldn’t we have sex?

Every human being is created as a sexual being.

Once a male and female enter the reproductive age, they are sexual reproducing beings until the the female goes through menopause, the transition period in a woman’s life when her ovaries stop producing eggs.

Of course, senior citizens enjoy sex as part of normal married life long into their retirement years.

A person who marries and is committed to a single sexual partner for life, rarely worries about sexually transmitted disease.

However, in this generation of highly sexualized advertising and sex education aimed at kids, sex among teens are at an epidemic level.

Sex outside of marriage is called “fornication.”

Sex between someone and a married partner (not his or her own) is termed “adultery.”

Any young teen must ask themselves an honest question. Is what they are ‘feeling’ truly love or is it lust and/or infatuation?

The problem is that when a teen-ager first experience attraction to the opposite sex, it is because of the hormonal changes happening in both the male and female.

However just because you are “turned on” or “horny” does not mean that you are in love.

Most teen girls report, they think when a teen boy gives them attention and says sweet things to them, that this means they “love” you.

Most teen boys report, they say and do those things to “get” the girl to give them sex.

Today, more young girls are seeking the boys to have sex with.

For a young man, that temptation is hard to resist.

However, sexual intercourse places the female teen girl at high risk of disease and unplanned pregnancy.

Thus, you have to learn about your body, understand why you feel the way you feel and preserve your health for your adult life.

The young boy needs to understand the risks he causes to the female, and do everything in his power to do anything to preserve your body for the man who will marry you and want to have a family with you.

When an unplanned pregnancy occurs, unless you have strong support and a caring family to back you up you are likely going to think abortion is your only option. That’s where one of our many centers come in.

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