Is the Pill Safe?

is the pill safe

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You asked: “Is the pill safe?” According to a Royal College of General Practitioners study, women using oral contraceptives have a five times greater risk of death from cardiovascular causes. Five of the pill’s deadly side effects are pulmonary embolism, cardiac arrest, hypertensive disease, heart failure and stroke. In the U.S. in just one year – 2004 — there were a total of:

+ 3,565 recorded female deaths from pulmonary embolism;

+ 8,065 recorded female deaths from cardiac arrest;

+ 16,445 recorded female deaths from hypertensive diseases;

+ 13,748 recorded female deaths from heart failure;

+ 22,658 recorded female deaths from stroke.

For a riveting video on the scientific evidence, go to and listen to breast surgeon Dr. Angela LanFranchi, clinical assistant professor of surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr, LanFranchi also heads up the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute. When you look at these facts, it safe to say, in answer to your question, “Is the Pill Safe?” the answer is NO!

Source: Press Release from Dennis Howard to Fox News June 5, 2014

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