What kinds of Adoption are there?

kinds of adoption
Today, there are many different ways in which people are able to adopt a child. However, the first thing any prospective adoptive parents should be doing is to explore their own capabilities, as well as learning more about what the adoptive baby or child will need.

Look at the various kinds of adoption options a couple, or a single person, will have when it comes to adopting a baby or child.

Domestic Adoption
These adoptions are ones which are arranged through licensed agencies, attorneys, adoption professionals or even a doctor. When choosing this type of adoption, a couple, or single person, is able to choose a child whom they feel will be suitable, and will fit into their family situation.

With this type of adoption, it is normally the parents of the child who is up for adoption that will choose the type of family that they wish their child to be adopted by.

With this kind of adoption, the parents of the child, as well as those who are adopting them, will be making decisions together about the future of the child.

They will discuss just what kind of contact the child will have with its biological parents in the future, if any.

Inter Country (International) Adoption
This is where the parents of the child to be adopted resides and are citizens in one country, and the people wishing to adopt reside, and are citizens in another.

Because the governments of both these countries will actually be involved in the adoption process, then it is advisable for the parent to take a look at the requirements that their country requires in relation to international adoptions.

For the USA, a would-be adoptive parent who wishes to consider this kind of adoption option should visit the State Department’s website.

Through this, they will learn whether the country they wish to adopt from is legally allowed to take place in the USA.

In most cases, a lot of children which are adopted in this way will often be found in either privately, or state run orphanages in the country where they reside.

It is important to remember that in many cases, babies and children which are adopted using this option will have been raised in a different kind of culture from their adoptive parents.

Therefore the parents will need to learn everything about the culture they have been brought up in, as well as learning about their language and the kinds of foods that they eat.

This will then help to ensure that the child is still provided with their own sense of identity in relation to where they come from originally.

Kinship or Relative Adoption
This is another type of adoption which can take place, and is the type where a family will adopt a child who has ties to their family, or through a relationship that a child has with that family.

Such adoptions include those where a stepmother or stepfather has adopted their new partner’s children.

Grandparents who have adopted their children’s children for some reason (maybe the parent’s were killed in an accident or they feel that the couple is unable to cope with bringing up the children themselves).

It may be a family friend or even a teacher that adopts a child if, for example, they have found that the child’s biological parents are in fact unable to care for them.

In our own case, this is the way we ended up adopting our own grandson. Due to the inability of his mother, our daughter at the time he was born, to provide and care for him properly, and other significant reasons, she chose to relinquish her parental rights to us.

Thus, our adoption was relatively quick and easy compared to others who have waited for years to find their adoption.

No matter what the type, the adoption creates a unique bond of love with the adopted child.


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