The Real War On Women

Democrats for as long as there has been abortion in America, have been fabricating the ‘war on women’ to distract from real issues.

Huffington Post, a liberal newspaper, stated, “Despite an electorate that is overwhelmingly pro-choice, there is no doubt that the GOP’s first goal is to deprive women of their reproductive rights” The mantra is always “Republicans” are the problem and the issue is always “women are deprived of their reproductive rights.”

The facts are that the electorate means those people who are elected to office. Three branches of government include the Congress who creates and funds the law, Senate who ratifies the law and the Executive which is, of course the President. It is fact that while pro-abortion Democrats for the last five years have held the majority in the Senate and Executive branches until 2014 when Republicans gained power again over both Senate and House.

However, legislation passed this past year by the House and Senate show clearly a move toward respecting the unborn life. 26 states (a majority) have passed laws strengthening pro-life measures. Of 435 lawmakers 225 (a majority) voted for pro-life measures. Therefore, the numbers do not lie. More of the electorate are voting pro-life.

In 2014, A third pro-life woman, Joni Ernst, was elected to the U.S. Senate; 18 pro-life women were elected to the House, including the first black Republican Congresswoman, Mia Love, and the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, Elise Stefanik; and 5 pro-life women to statewide office.

The Real War on Women

While the loud, consistent voices of the left keep crying there is a war on women, the truth of the matter is that they real war on women is the way women are being destroyed by the abortion trade.

It is a fact that Planned Parenthood distribution of contraceptives fails 70% of time within the first year guaranteeing them that 7 out of 10 contraceptive clients will become an abortion client. Planned Parenthood stated in a recent press release, that 3 out of every 4 women will have an abortion.

The “war on women” is more outrageous than ever. Democrats are replaying one of their greatest hits of 2012 in their furious battle to minimize their midterm losses in a political environment defined by an unpopular president and general unease.

And why not? The war on women has a proven record of success — in mobilizing Democratic women and trumping what would otherwise seem much more important issues — and it is so simple that any idiot can run on it.

The recipe is one part taking offense where clearly none was intended, and one part discerning new nefarious schemes to deny women access to birth control.

If War on Women 1.0 was strained and unconvincing, the new version lacks all self-respect. To paraphrase Karl Marx, it is history repeating itself, first as farce, then as self-parody.
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The real war is the emotional and physical scars dumped upon women because of abortion. Women have died because of legal abortion. Many women suffer major emotional issues because of abortion. Thousands attend after abortion recovery meetings and weekend retreats and online help to absolve their pain. Many other women have filed affidavits of their after abortion pain that has been used in courts to help bring about pro-life laws. Many studies show that abortion has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. The real war on women is the insidious promulgation of contraception and abortion that harm and maim and kill women.

Before you abort, let someone help you near you! You are not alone!

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