A Note from Ken to each Center Director

Dear Director, we have been online paying for the hosting server through donations since the original site was created in 1994. We have paid for hosting, bandwidth, programming and worked for hundreds of hours calling, inviting, and helping input all 1100plus members now on the database. Every page on our website has a history of serving hundreds if not thousands to your state page and then your detail page brings them right to your website content. Thus, we know that 3.5 million have been visiting pregnancy center sites because of them being found here. Recently, we were virtually bankrupt. Our donations had dropped from 400 to 1 single, faithful donor who supported us 35 years and then just recently send us a dear John letter ending his donations. Thus, this site and its related sites are being paid of out my tiny budget of a part-time job at Lowe’s. Thus, though it grieves me deeply to change from a totally free model,I need to ask your help so we can continue to pay our hosting server which is more than 1500 in the red, unfunded from hosting payments. Thus, with great concern for every center director I ask you to prayerfully consider the value of this site to the overall success of your center. Then choose one of the membership plans we have in place. All we ask is $1 per month per center listed. We offer it as a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annual fee. The fee will not go up. By helping us with $1 per month, you are helping your center and helping us keep this site up every day. It will enable us to do the needed background programming to clean up old php code to new PHP7 code so that we can make this the best online information site for center’s like yours in the nation.

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