What are the Three Types of Adoption?

Open Adoption
This is where the birth parents are able to specify the kind of family which they feel is the most appropriate for the child to be placed with.

The birth parents will be able to meet with the family that they have chosen, and be able to identify information which can then be shared between both sets of parents.

With this type of adoption, the parents will constantly be in contact over the years, and so both sets will need to ensure that they are willing to make a life long commitment to the child that is being adopted.

Semi Open Adoption
With this kind of adoption procedure, the birth parents again have the right to specify certain characteristics or traits that they want the adoptive parents to have.

Also the birth parents have the right, if they wish, to meet with the adoptive parents either before the baby
is born, or after the placement has taken place.

Once the child has been adopted, then the birth parents have the right to receive pictures or letters from the adoptive parents, but must be passed through the agency and not directly.

Closed Adoption
This is certainly the more common type of adoption option that many would-be prospective parents and birth parents will choose to use.

But with this particular one, the birth parents will often have little or no control over who their child is placed with when they are adopted.

Certainly with this kind of adoption, the birth parents will find that they do not get provided with information on how their child is fairing, or where they will be residing once they have been adopted.

Plus, the adoptive parents may find that they are provided with very little information with regard to the child’s social history before they adopted them.

At the end of the day, the type of the adoption a prospective adoptive parent chooses, will then determine the kind of professional that they will be working with during the adoption process.

As you plan your adoption, decide which type of adoption will be right for you. Find your professional support. Then, go for it!


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