Can a parent cause a forced abortion on a minor?


True or False: Can a parent cause a forced abortion on a minor child?

The question asked is this: “Can a parent cause a forced abortion on a minor?” Coerced or forced abortions are happening every day to minors because the parents demand she have an abortion.

Just as China is wrong for allowing and demanding forced abortion against pregnant women, parents who coerce their minor children are wrong.

According to the law that legalized abortion in America, Roe vs Wade, only the woman can make that decision. Parents, husbands and even fathers of the baby are not allowed by law to force that decision.

However, it is a commonly known fact that parents, husbands and even fathers of the baby do, in fact, coerce women to have a forced abortion.

According to the website,,

Reasons women give for having abortions:

• Forced by mother
• Father opposed
• Husband or boyfriend persuaded me
• No other option given
• Would have been kicked out
• Loss of family’s support
• Lack of support from society
• Clinic persuaded me

However, this does not make it right. Women, young or old, who are forced to have an abortion resent the one(s) that forced her to do what she did not want to do. Along with the well-documented after abortion hurts common to women who have experienced abortion, the emotional damage is severe.

Unchecked, these emotional hurts may negatively impact her future life, marriage, child-bearing and emotional well-being. Can a parent force a minor to get an abortion?

Not legally, not morally, but yes they can. Yes, they can destroy the future of their daughter’s well-being.

Yes, they can put her at risk of death, future sterility, future risk of breast and uterine cancer.

Yes they can but it does not help their daughter!

Further, studies support the fact that the lose of the baby ultimately brings emotional pain to the parents realizing what they have done.

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