How can I overcome my past abortion?

QUESTIONS-how can I overcome my past abortion

You have asked: How can I overcome my past abortion?

Step One:
Determine what level of help you may need: TAKE OUR AFTER ABORTION SURVEY!.

Step Two:
Talk to someone about your need for help.

Step Three:
Find help near you! After Abortion Recovery is a major help to women who have experienced abortion. Small groups of women who share the same experience meet to learn the process of recovery together. It is a private and confidential meeting. What is said in those meetings stays within the confines of that confidential group? As you search our site, you will find that a number of centers have an extra link on their profile detail that indicates they are offering after abortion recovery support. Call the center nearest you to determine if they are offering after abortion recovery at this time.

Find Help Online! You can access My Healing Choice to discover a free,online course designed to help you get to the root of your pain so that you will be able to overcome your past. This course is issue-neutral in that it deals with your life-dominating issues rather than simply abortion. This course will help you, the whole person, heal from past hurts. This course is a do-it-yourself, at your own pace type of course. You have access to feedback with the author of the course or you can request the assistance of a female online recovery mentor. Visit My Healing Choice now!

Step Four:
A major closure to your recovery will be your ability to grieve your losses. Some visitors, reading this article, may have already experienced some level of recovery. But they may never have completed a formal grief-loss memorial for their unborn child or other losses. This is why we want you to know about Enjoy!