He came inside me

he came inside me

What happens when this happens? He came inside me!

A young 19 year girl from Pennsylvania writes:

“We have sex on a regular basis but he always pulls out. This time he came inside me! Well this month I’m late. And I’m a little worried.

Could I be pregnant? What else could cause me to be late. And is there any possibility I could have conceived on the 4th. Is it because He came inside me!”

This is a typical request for help to FindPregnancyHelp.com Ask Our Experts.

Biology 101: when he came inside me, what happens?
When the male ejaculates or “comes” the substance that comes out of the male penis is called “semen” which contain “sperm.” In fact, its estimated that an average male ejaculation results in the release of about 1 BILLION sperm.

When a man thrusts his erect penis into a female’s vagina, it is thrust to the head of the females uterus. The billion little guys start swimming to find the ripened ovum or egg of the female.

It only takes one (1) sperm to cause conception. (*Learn More)

What can you do if this happens?
Our advice: Contact one of the hundreds of pregnancy resource centers listed on our FindPregnancyHelp.com directory or one of the eight other directories listed under our Other Search Directories