Is Planned Parenthood Your Friend?


Is Planned Parenthood Your Best Friend?

… A Little Help from Your Friends can end in abortion.
… A Little Help from Your Friends can place you on birth control that has a planned failure rate.
… A Little Help from Your Friends can lead to breast cancer.
… A Little Help from Your Friends can lead to cover up of sexual abuse.
… A Little Help from Your Friends can lean to cover up of rape.

It is a fact the Planned Parenthood does not want to give you the real facts so you can make a wise decision for your health. Instead they sell you the birth control that fails in the first year guaranteeing them a possible abortion sale. Now, they charge you for the abortion. Next, they sell your aborted baby as spare parts to the research community.

They are not a woman’s best friend!

In fact, Planned Parenthood is the world’s single largest abortion chain.

Because of all the abortions that they have done over the past decades, women by the thousands have attended post abortion recovery support groups. Many of those have shared their testimonials online so other women won’t make the same mistake.

If only women would read the many stories – hundreds of them – of women who have had an abortion
before making a choice for abortion. Then, women would not have to look back in pain, regretting an unchangeable choice.

If only, instead, they could look ahead to a bright future without death because they know the facts, know the heartache, and know the grief without having to experience them firsthand.

If Planned Parenthood is your best friend, consider making a new friend: Find a pregnancy center near you on this site or use any of the optional search directories to locate a center nearest you. They are your true friend.