Who tells me the truth?

who tells me the truth

Crisis pregnancy centers are often called fake abortion clinics by abortion centers. However, abortion centers, because of their tendency to locate themselves near the poor and black neighborhood and use deceptive names and advertising calling themselves Pregnancy centers at the one’s acting like “fake centers.” Their real goal is to prevent clients from having a baby but only sell them on having a paid abortion, even if this means lying.

1) Lie: Abortion doesn’t causes breast cancer

Truth: Every reputable cancer institute and OB/GYN organization that has studied the impact of abortion and its link to breast cancer has said this is absolutely true. The other side says it is false and based on poor research. (whose research is the question!) *1 *2

2) Lie: Abortion is safe – it doesn’t causes infertility

Truth: While complications with abortion, just as with any other reproductive procedure, can have an effect on future fertility, abortion, especially multiple abortion does have a pronounced and unique negative effect on fertility. *1

3) Lie: Abortion does not cause mental health problems

Truth: “Post-Abortion Syndrome” or “Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome,” are documented effects while not supported by the pro-abortion American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association, show up in the lives of women and men of abortion. This is why thousands of women seek after abortion recovery support from thousands of centers and weekend retreat outreaches. *1 *2

4) Lie: Abortion is safe, its not dangerous

Truth: Abortion is one of the dangerous medical procedures, with a substantial risk of major complications that may need hospital care. The risk of death associated with abortion is low, but very real. Women are dying every year across the United States because of legal abortion. *1

5) Lie: Birth control and condoms work

Truth: The effectiveness of birth control depends on how well it’s used. Condoms have a 98% effectiveness rate when used perfectly, but that goes down to 82% with “typical” use. Long-term methods, such as the IUD and implant, are over 99% effective. However, they all fail. This is why Planned Parenthood projects that of every birth control patient they hand out BC to, 7 out of 10 will return within one year pregnant needing an abortion. *1

6) Lie: Emergency contraception is not an abortion

Truth: Emergency contraception, also known as the “morning after pill” or by one brand’s name, Plan B, works primarily to stop the ovary from releasing an egg that can be fertilized by incoming sperm. This prevents a pregnancy from occurring in the first place. There is evidence to suggest that EC prevents a fertilized egg from implanting. *1

7) Lie: The abortion pill works on ectopic pregnancies

Truth: This is a half-truth. The medication typically used in medication abortions, mifepristone, has no effect on an ectopic pregnancy. However, methotrexate is also sometimes used in medication abortions, either in pill or injection form, and it can treat an ectopic pregnancy. The problem is that in medication usage the ectopic pregnancy has already implanted. There is little study support for the claim the abortion pills will end ectopic pregnancies. *1

8) Lie: Embryos and fetuses can’t feel pain during an abortion

Truth: The current research finds that fetuses likely do perceive pain or distinguish it from touch long before the third trimester of pregnancy. 4D Sonograms clearly show babies indicating pain when instruments are inserted into the womb. Neonatal science proves conclusively that babies can hear and feel long before they are born.*1